Recent News

Sunthetics has been gaining a lot of traction lately. Below are a few articles of recent wins!


Prize winners for Stern Challenge

After 8 months of hard work and perseverance, Sunthetics takes the prize for the NYU Stern Entrepeneurship Challenge, totaling $100,000.

Sunthetics has made tremendous progress throughout this competition, starting with a large vision to change the world and ending with a concrete implementation plan to achieve this.


first place prize for innovention goes to sunthetics!

Sunthetics places first at Innovention competition, with a prize of $20,000.

After a compelling case made to a panel of judges, from investors to industry experts, this prize is only one of many more to come!


Sunthetics goes through stage 1 of VentureWell

After being accepted into Stage 1 of VentureWell, with a grant of $5,000, Sunthetics travels to Boston to attend their workshop.

At the workshop, immense progress is made in performing a bottom-up market analysis, evaluating the life cycle analysis of the product, and understanding the next steps for implementation.