Providing the only cost-effective chemical path to sustainable nylon



We are a start-up focused on helping the chemical industry become more sustainable. Chemical processes are very energy-intensive and harmful to the environment. We take a vow to make the main precursor for Nylon 6,6, a premium material used in a multitude of sectors, using solar energy. Nylon is our first step towards re-inventing the chemical industry as we know it, making it green, one reaction at a time


We have started by developing a technology to make Adipontirile, a key component for the production of Nylon 6,6, using solar energy. We have improved the electrochemical production route, reaching unprecedented efficiency values and energy cost reduction through direct solar integration


Improve process efficiency and provide cost-effective solutions for solar powered processes


Reduce greenhouse gas emissions and aim for emission-free processes.


Provide high quality chemicals through a safe, clean, and responsible process


The team that's going to make it happen.